The name of the e-credit program is changing to better reflect the spirit of the initiative. As of the 5776 school year, it will be referred to as Tuition Support Points (TSP).

In addition to the change in the name, some of the procedures and guidelines are being revised as well.

Going forward, there will be two categories, Program A and Program B.
Both programs share the following policies:

  • The tuition committee determines eligibility and designates an award amount

  • All participants performing a function under this program will have to obtain an ID to sign into our time management system (Finger Check). This ID remains the same from year to year. What can change is the function code based on the work you’re performing

  • If a particular initiative does not bring you into the boy’s or girl’s school, then you can arrange to sign in remotely

  • If your assignment involves a lump sum value, or a substituting job, then a contract needs to be signed and the terms of the position accepted by both parties

  • Reconcilements will take place twice a year:

    • Program A – January and June

    • Program B – First reconciliation in January and the second one in May, based on April 30th’s final points


  • The tuition committee determines eligibility and designates an award amount

  • If you agree and sign off on the tuition arrangements, the amount awarded will reduce your monthly tuition payments up front

  • You are expected to have earned 50% or more of your awarded amount by January, and the remainder by June

    • Any shortfall by those designated months will be added to your Cheder financial obligation and your future monthly payments adjusted to reflect the increase.

      • If you’re assigned a project based on a lump-sum payment (e.g., arranging the annual banquet), the Cheder will wait until the assignment is completed.

  • If you do not avail yourself of all the TSP allocated, you will not be eligible to participate in the program to the same extent in the following year.

PROGRAM B (April 30th is the cutoff, unless otherwise pre-approved)

  • The tuition committee determines eligibility and designates an award amount

  • The amount awarded will NOT initially reduce your financial obligation to the Cheder

  • At time of reconcilement:

    • If you worked at least half your designated amount, the Cheder will re-calculate and reduce your future monthly financial obligation accordingly. If less than half is performed , the Cheder will not adjust your future payments

As part of the financial obligation review, participants will be informed as to which program pertains to them, and a signature/confirmation will be required to indicate acceptance.

To show respect for your child’s mosad chinuch all parents participating in any school function, whether on or off Cheder premises, including carpool, must be properly dressed according to halacha. For women, this includes skirt length below the knee even while sitting (no slits or gym pants under the skirt); stockings or tights; necklines above the collarbone; sleeves covering the elbow; married women must have their hair completely covered with a shaitel. No hats or tichels, etc. Men must wear yarmulkas, a shirt and pants. No shorts. Friends or relatives who wish to participate in school functions should be asked to be respectful of our school policies as well.