Students in Cheder must dress in a way that mirrors the atmosphere in a classroom where Torah is being taught. The following guidelines are in place to help maintain the decorum and Chassidishe standards that are essential in Cheder.


SHIRT: Hunter green or white; button-down blouse or polo shirt with collar.


NEW FOR THIS YEAR : Sweater with the new logo from Uniform Headquarters. We will be phasing out the Lands End sweater in favor of this new velour sweater.  Click here for more information  about Uniform Headquarters .

Lands End  sweaters may be worn for this year, however as we are phasing them out we do not suggest that you order new sweaters from them.

SKIRTS/JUMPERS:*  Please refer to the specific grade levels below for guidelines

TIGHTS: Only black, navy, gray or white solid colored tights. Leggings may not be worn.

SHOES : Solid color shoes only. No sneakers including converse/bulky high top sneakers.

HAIR: Hair needs to be pulled back in a pony or braid. Short hair (above shoulder) may be worn down if pulled back with a headband or pin.

EARRINGS: Earrings should be close to the ear. No hoops, and no dangling earrings.

No Nail Polish or Makeup may be worn to school.




Grades Pre 1a -Grade 2 - Navy blue jumpers only. Jumpers must cover the knees fully.

Grades 3 - Grades 5 - Jumpers are optional as long as it covers the knees fully.

SKIRT: Grades 3 - Grade 5 Navy blue pleated skirt. All skirts must be longer than knee length to cover the knees fully. Please note that skirts from Lands End or some other companies are generally too short. Uniform skirts should be purchased from Uniform Headquarters or the ‘Man in the Truck’.



SKIRT:  Navy blue pleated mid-calf length skirts only. Please note that skirts from Lands End or some other companies will generally not be available in mid-calf length. Uniform skirts should be purchased from Uniform Headquarters or the ‘Man in the Truck’.



The following are guidelines for after school hours. At all times a student’s dress, which may reflect personal style, must be tznius according to Halacha. As such, our students will reflect the inner dignity and refinement of a Bas Chabad and a student of Cheder Chabad.

  1. Elbows and knees should be covered at all times.
  2. An appropriate neckline, one in which the collar bone, sides and back of the neck are properly covered.
  3. Skirts must cover the knees at all times .
  4. The entire leg should be covered with appropriate leg wear. Ankle socks or leggings with socks are inappropriate and may not be worn.
  5. Form fitting or tight clothing are not appropriate.  
  6.  Slits may not be worn.
  7. No attention-drawing or improper graphics on the shirt or bold lettering across the front of shirt should be worn.
  8. Hair should be refined and pulled together.                                                                                  

If it comes to our attention that a student is not conforming to these standards outside of school, Parents will be asked to meet with the principal to discuss and rectify the situation.


Electronic Devices  Cameras, electronic games, music players, MP3/4 players, flash drives etc. may not be brought on the bus or to school.  Any of the above devices brought to Cheder will be confiscated. They will not be returned until the end of the semester and will need to be picked up by a parent.   

Cell Phone    Students may not own a cell phone. They may not bring a cell phone to Cheder regardless if it’s a smart phone or not.  Bringing any type of cell phone to school is grounds for suspension.

I-pods and I-pads

  • Ipods and Ipads are fully accessible to internet. Giving your daughter such a device is the equivalent of having full internet capabilities in a private room. As such, Cheder deems it inappropriate and unnecessary for a student to own an I-pod, I-pad or smartphone.
  • A cell phone, Ipod or Ipad may never be brought to school or even on the bus. If a device was brought on the bus or school, it will not be returned to your daughter.