Lag B'omer Scavenger Hunt

Monday, 11 May, 2020 - 9:19 am


Lag B'omer Scavenger Hunt


Cheder Chabad is pleased to present our Lag B’omer scavenger hunt!  This activity is a wonderful way to get families working together on a fun activity on this special day.  There are two different hunts.   Grades pre1a - 3rd grade are invited to do the printable scavenger hunt.    

Collect all of the items on the list.  Check off each item as you find it.  Snap pictures along the way or gather everything together and take a picture.  See how many of the items you can find.  Please send all pictures to Mrs. Karash at [email protected] or Mrs. Friedland at [email protected]


For grades 4-8 boys and grades 4 and 5 girls we have a fun and exciting online interactive scavenger hunt.   For this activity each family will need a device that has a camera that can be used to take pictures and upload them to the game, phones work best.

First:   Download the app "goosechase".  


Next: When you are ready you will need to put in your game code and password.  The password is chabad.   


The game will start at 2:00pm and ends at 4:00pm.  You need to follow the clues and take pictures or videos of yourself at each clue.  


While the game is in progress you can view your submissions and those of your friends.  This is a race and you will receive points for your finds.


Boys:  grades 4-5 game id:  5DMMDP

Boys:  grades 6-8 game id:  EZVVZR

Girls grade 4: game id:  R7E6X5

Girls grade 5: game id: B5PWDW





Indoor/Outdoor  Lag B’omerScavenger Hunt

        Indoors Outdoors

A toy with wheels 5 Leaves that look different

A book with the first letter of your name in the title A stick that is longer than your hand    

Something that smells good A rock with spots on it

A pair of matching socks A flower

4 things that are green A flat rock

Something very soft 10 blades of grass

A toy smaller than your hand Something you love to play wit

Something round A piece of trash you can recycle

A book with numbers in it Something that is heavy

5 Legos that are different Something that is very light

A photo of someone in your family Something that needs sun to live

An item you can see yourself in An item smaller than your thumb

An item that makes you feel cozy Something that starts with an “M”

A toy that has three different colors An ant

A right shoe A chewed leaf

A crayon or pencil shorter than an inch A pinecone

Something you can turn An acorn

Something that you twist Something smooth

Something shiny Something rough

Something you can roll Something bumpy

Something that is clear   *** Take a walk around your neighborhood. 


Find all the letters of the alphabet.

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