Eighth Grade Extracurricular Areas

Tuesday, 16 August, 2022 - 11:29 am


The Eighth Grade Year at Cheder Chabad is truly a special year. Guided by the saying of chazal הכל הולך אחר החיתום, we strive to provide our talmidim with the greatest experience possible.

Extracurricular Learning

Minchas Chinuch shiur 

When it comes to learning Torah, we want to open horizons in Torah for our talmidim beyond the basic curriculum provided in chadorim and yeshivas. 

A weekly shiur in minchas chinuch, presenting a window into chakiro, investigation and the depth of pilpul, is now entering its third year. 

The shiur is given by the Rosh mesivtah, Rabbi Lustig shlita, who has a gift of presenting deep and complex ideas in an organized and clear way. Refreshments are served and the shiur is followed by Maariv. 

Chavrusa Program 

A unique opportunity is available to select talmidim of grades 7-8 to learn one on one with a kollel yungerman at Kollel Beis Levi Yitzchok funded by Cheder. There are certain conditions that must be met in order to be approved. A talmid must commit to learning at least twice a week and the learning must consist of an area of hosofoh. Students may not use the time to review cheder subjects.  Please contact Rabbi Kaplan if you are interested in hearing more about this program and if you would like your son to join. 

Programs and Speakers 

Throughout the year we bring mashpiim, bochurim shluchim and Rabbonim to farbreng, farher and give shiurim to the talmidim. These events may be connected to a special day on the Chabad calendar or with a milestone connected to the learning goals of the class.

Learning Chassidus 

The Eighth grade is the year when talmidim begin learning Tanya as a text based part of their curriculum and truly initiates their engagement with texts of chassidus. The goal for the year is to learn the first eleven perakim of Tanya. Talmidim are provided with a list of topics in each perek on which they are required to write an essay. Talmidim are instructed on various aspects of essay writing. The papers will be graded based on the instructors guidance and set expectations. 

Mesivtah Preparation

We encourage parents to begin actively looking into a mesivta for your son right after Chanuka.  Mesivta registration is unique in that every year is vastly different. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that no mesivta opens registration before Chanuka. 

When thinking about a mesivta keep in mind your child's social, academic, spiritual and material needs. Also keep in mind that you may not end up with your first choice and it is important to be open to other possibilities and not to stubbornly pursue a yeshiva in which he won’t be accepted.  We therefore encourage you to register your son in more than one mesivta. 

The application process may include documentation, an interview, written references from the Rebbi and principal as well as self assessments of your child. 

It is worthy to take a look at what mesivta applications ask so that you have a good understanding of what is expected from a Lubavticher bochur graduating Eighth Grade in the area of chitas, Rambam, Mikveh, shnaiim mikro, mivtzoim, and more


The funds for the graduation trip are raised by the students. All plans and trips must be done with the guidance and permission of the Rebbi. The cheder does not run the graduation trip. The principal will spend time with the class discussing various lessons learned from past experiences and suggesting how to share the responsibilities in the class so that things are organized and responsibilities shared and they don’t put too much on one student. 

It is common for students to express frustration at the pressure of what they need to get done. Please be empathetic, reassure them that everything will be okay, and send them back to their Rebbi and Principal in order to resolve their frustrations. Please do not get involved in planning or in serving in any role, treasure, accountant, travel agent, etc. in place of your son. 


The Eighth Graders fundraise towards their end of year trip. More will

Be shared about this after Tishri.


The graduation takes place on a Tuesday evening, in the week following the last day of school.  The class mothers enhance the event with some design, colors or balloons.  

The class appoints representatives who work closely with the menahel planning the program, speakers, presenters and features of the program. 

Students are encouraged but not compelled to speak 

It is appropriate to thank the Rebbies and teachers and to recognize unique, school related, achievements. 

Graduation Trips

Information will be forthcoming after yom Tom. 


A yearbook is a great way for the students to compile and retain positive memories about cheder and help them keep up their cheder friendships as they part ways and go to different mesivtos.  

The yearbook also provides the opportunities to families and friends to offer well-wishes to the graduating students in the form of print ads. 

The cheder website features a link that can be shared with family and friends where they can post and pay for their ads. 

The ad money is held in the Cheder account until the money is needed for the graduation trip.

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