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Monday, 1 August, 2022 - 11:59 am

Communication Summer 2022

We hope you and your families are enjoying your summer and are gathering fresh koichos for an improved upcoming cheder year.   At cheder, we are reflecting, improvising, planning and preparing for an outstanding year. 

Last year’s updates and improvements were primarily in the area of learning, we added a curriculum update to our newsletter, implemented smaller learning groups in some grades, augmented our kria and ksiva resource room capacity, in depth classes by a visiting Rebbi, and added more assessments for more skills throughout the year. 

While we focus on one area, we don’t lose focus on the others and we continue raising the bar in all areas.

An area of focus this coming year will be on strengthening our chassidishe environment.  Creating an atmosphere requires focused and deliberate efforts that keep in mind an impact beyond the individual. We are looking forward to sharing these programs, events and programs with you. 

Good communication between the school and the parents is important to us.  Open communication between Cheder and the parents creates an optimal environment for our children to learn and grow.  Our experience has shown that when a child knows that the school and his parents are in close contact it brings out the best in them. Bringing out the best in our children is our goal. 

In improving our communication, we are adding two features to our website, a blog with messages and articles from the principals about the cheder’s goals and a contact form in which you can post a question to the principals which will be directed to the correct department head. 

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