One Dismissal on Transportation Days

Friday, 25 November, 2022 - 3:52 pm


Memo Regarding Transportation Days With One Dismissal

On rare occasions, all grades are dismissed at 4:10 on a day when transportation is provided. (While the Cheder submits our request for early dismissal along with the Cheder calendar, deviations from the daily routine aren’t accommodated. 

Here is list of days when all grades are dismissed at 4:10:

  • Yud Tes Kislev
  • Chanuka (not including zos Chanukah)
  • 10 Shevat
  • Lag Ba'omer 
  • On rare occasions, this may happen on other days.

When you receive a notification that all grades will be dismissed at 4:10 it should be understood that Cheder staff will try to place the older boys on the buss routes of the younger division. We are able to place almost all the older students on these routes. 

Carpooling students and students who don’t have a stop near their homes should arrange for early pickup. 

We do our best not to surprise you with an unexpected pickup. We ask that on the rare occasions when we do ask you to go out of your way, you make an arrangement for your child, even if it means having him go home with a friend where you can pick him up at a later time. 

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