Welcome to Tzivos Hashem 5783!

Every Cheder student is a chayol in Tzivos Hashem! Tzivos Hashem offers a fantastic program designed to encourage children to live by the “Order of the Day”, their daily mission.  By enrolling your child in Tzivos Hashem, your child will receive a weekly personalized mission sheet along with a weekly magazine for the Rebbe’s battalion in Hashem’s army called Hachayol.

The magazine is filled with educational and informative articles for chassidishe talmidim and offers fun-0filled activity pages and opportunities to win more points to help them climb to the next rank. Tzivos Hashem video

Meddalians are distributed about once a month, marking your son’s progress.  New ranks are announced during the global rallies and follow a certain number of medals that lead to the promotion. Don't miss out.

Visit www.Mashpia.com/mobile to mark completed missions and see your chayol’s progress.