The health and well-being of both children and teachers are of utmost importance.  Although we understand that an ill child may present difficulties for working parents, please be considerate of other students and faculty.  We ask that parents make alternative arrangements for their child in case of such an eventuality.

Children should remain at home if any of the following symptoms have occurred within the previous 24-hour period. Parents are advised to seek medical advice before returning their child to school if there is:

  1.       fever;
  2. severe diarrhea;
  3. vomiting;
  4. infected discharge from the eyes, nose, ears;
  5. an open wound;
  6. an unexplained spot or rash;
  7. breathing difficulty;
  8. severe or constant coughing;
  9. pinworms,
  10. Complaint of feeling generally unwell, such as:  lethargy, pain, distress or any unusual behavior, etc.

We ask that parents notify the school immediately, when a doctor confirms an infectious or communicable disease. 

LICE AND NITS:   Children entering Cheder from out of the country must be checked for lice and nits by the school’s official Nit checkers, before admission to school.  We will be checking for nits at the beginning of the school year and have 6-8 nit checks during the school year.