Dismissal for Pre1a -8th Grade begins at 3:45 p.m. from Monday-Thursday and 11:45 on Friday. However buses only begin loading closer to 4:00 pm and will leave at around 4:05 pm. Please take this in to account as to when to expect your child’s arrival home.


  • If your child will be picked up by any means other than the child’s regular transportation, (I.E. she is going in carpool instead of the bus) a written note to the office from the parent with the carpool changes must be sent.
  • When picking up early, please proceed directly to the office to sign out your child. The secretary will call your child out from class. Please make sure to fill out the “sign out sheet” in the Cheder Office.
  • Parents are not to enter the classroom at any time to pick up their child.
  • All carpool changes and transportation arrangements should be taken care of before school. The school has B”H grown and it is extremely difficult for messages to be conveyed to so many students. The office will not assume responsibility for messages that do not get delivered.
  • Please avoid calling the office to have messages delivered to your children except in a genuine emergency .


Please exercise extreme caution when driving through the parking lot. No U-turns allowed at any time in the driveway. 

On time pickup

  • We urge parents to be considerate regarding picking up children on time. Parents who consistently pick up more than 10 minutes late will be charged $5 per incident. If an unusual circumstance prevents you from picking up your child on time, the school office must be notified of your alternative arrangements at least one hour before dismissal time.
  • Please note that the ERCSD will not allow children to alter their bus routes or go on a friend’s bus.   Please take that in to account when arranging a play date after school. See bus Transportation for additional rules.