• All children who are residents of the East Ramapo Central School District (ERCSD) and Suffern Central School District (SCD) are eligible for free bus transportation.
  • Families residing in ERCSD need to complete a Transportation Request Form https://ercsd.jotform.com/210216823951047 . You will need to upload on the page proof of age (birth certificate) and proof of residence. For more information, please contact the bus transportation office directly at 845-577-6490.
  • Families residing in Suffern Central District need to complete a Transportation Request Form   Click here to complete the form. Email to [email protected] and copy [email protected] in the email. If you are a new family, you will also need to submit  proof of age (birth certificate) and proof of residence (rent contract, deed, utility bill, 8 etc.). For more information, please contact the bus transportation office directly at 845-357-7783.

For any families residing out of these two districts, please inquire about transportation for your district, as you may be eligible.

  • A bus pass will be mailed to every student directly from East Ramapo. Please have you child bring it to school so it can be attached to his/her knapsack.
  • There is no bus transportation on Sundays or on Public Holidays, as indicated in our school calendar. Please arrange your own carpools accordingly.
  • As per district policies, children are permitted to ride only on their designated route. If a child will not be taking his/her regular bus a temporary bus pass must be obtained from the Transportation office. Children not residing in the ERCSD may not use the buses at any time. Alternate transportation arrangements must be made in advance.


It is imperative for parents to encourage your children with observance of all safety rules pertaining to busing:

  1. Be at the bus stop 10 minutes early, when coming to Cheder;
  2. Enter the bus quickly and find a seat;
  3. Remain seated at all times, when the bus is moving;
  4. Keep head and arms inside the bus;
  5. Speak in a low voice; no shouting;
  6. Leave the bus in an orderly fashion; no pushing;
  7. Obey all directions of the bus driver;
  8. Help keep the bus clean and in good condition;
  9. Be courteous to other students; no fighting;
  10. Be courteous to the driver.

Misbehavior on the bus is a serious offense.  After the first incident, the student will receive a warning notice.  After 2 incidents, the student will be suspended from the bus for 2 days.  After 3 incidents the student will be suspended for a week.  After 4 incidents the student will be suspended for a month. A fifth incident will invite permanent suspension from the bus for the remainder of the school year. 

Please remember at all times to make a Kiddush Hashem.