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Parents United

Teaching Torah - Yes, even when it snows.

 Dear Fellow Parents

I am sure you all had a good time with your kids at home 😀.

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While snow days are not always fun for parents, it is very heartwarming to see how some of the teachers took the time to arrange conference classes or other ways of impromptu teaching, just to ensure that our kinderlach don't miss out on learning Torah. 

This is why we do, what we do.

Lets keep going from strength to strength.

 Parents United 

Keeping Things Going

 Dear Fellow Cheder Parents,

We are pleased to announce that thanks to your participation in the Parents United event we were b"h able to contribute $115,000 towards the teachers salaries and ensure the teachers get paid! 

Since the event, we have held several meetings to plan and begin implementing changes and improvements to the Cheder. We are working on identifying ways for you to participate in this effort and help make this change a reality. 

We will be providing regular updates about our activities and the changes that are being made, so please stay tuned. 

For those of you who signed up to join the various committees, we will be getting in touch with you to discuss the next steps. If you haven't volunteered yet, you can still do so by contacting us.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas or feedback, please feel free to contact us at


The Parents United Committee

This was just the first step. In order to keep this going, we would like to build up the Chai Club. The idea is of the Chai Club is that it is not the big numbers that count (although those don't hurt 🙂), its the small recurring amounts that matter. Feel free to share the Chai Club link with friends and acquaintances. All monthly donations help. It could be $5, $18, $36, or whatever you are comfortable asking for.

Our First Step

f3fcf5cb-e7ba-4bdf-a0a5-97c6241851d6.jpgLast night a Cheder Parents event was held, titled “Parents United for our Teachers and Children”. The goal of the event was first and foremost, to raise much needed funds for our Cheder teachers, and secondly, to encourage every parent to get involved.

We were blown away by our fellow parents. It is hard to describe the feeling we all walked away with. Over $130,000 was raised, Boruch Hashem!!! This money will directly benefit our hardworking Melamdim and Morahs, effective immediately!

This was not just a fundraiser, this was an event where we came together as a community! As one of the parents told us afterwards, “I’m speechless at what I saw tonight, and as a parent and community member, I’m so proud to be part of such a special community and parent body.”

But this is just the beginning. We are not satisfied with the current situation, and we know that in order to make the change, we have to be the change.

Mrs. D. Lehr spoke about the importance of getting involved in our children’s chinuch. She galvanized the crowd that it’s time we stop working on ‘automatic’, and DO something to effect the changes we all so desperately want and demand. Everyone is busy. We all have a million things going on. But we all can give a little of our time and/or resources. Every single person has something they can contribute. Hashem created each one of us with our own unique set of skills, and when we work together, we can accomplish great things! She compared the work to a pie; all we need to do is to step up and take a small piece of the pie!

volunteering.jpgShe encouraged those present to fill out the sign up cards, which listed many options, such as  Security, Building Upkeep, Communication, Lunch Program, Transportation, etc. Everyone was able to  check off one of the many options they would like to lend their skills to. With a little bit of teamwork, we can ensure that the bulk of the work be divided equally amongst all those volunteering their services.

We will also keep working with the board to address the many concerns parents have expressed. Mr. Levi Kaplan is gathering all issues that were brought to his attention via, and will be communicating directly with the board members to address each and every one.

We want to thank each and every person that came to the event. Just by walking in the door, you were making a statement that yes, you care about your child(ren)’s chinuch, and you’re ready to do something about it! When parents care, good things happen!

If you were unable to attend in person and would like to participate in this important cause, you can click here:

Each one of you can make a difference!

In order to maintain the momentum and build on bettering our children's cheder, there will be a "Parents United" meeting on 5 Adar 1, February 10th.
Location and discussion points will be announced closer in.

Event Invite & Raffle




How, What, Where & When


Dear Parents,

As some of you may know, on Sunday, January 6th, 29th of Teves, there will IYH be a Cheder Parents Night, “Parents United for our Teachers and Children”, at the home of Eli and Shterny Steinmetz, benefitting our wonderful Melamdim and Morahs. There will be separate seating at this event, and is geared to all parents and friends of Cheder Chabad of Monsey.

Many have asked what this is all about.

To clarify, we are fellow Cheder parents who were made aware that our teachers were behind in their paychecks, and we decided we must do something about it. We encourage and invite everyone to get involved. Together we can accomplish even more! Many parents have already reached out to find out how they can be of help. You can reach out to any one of the committee members listed on the invitation flyer.

What is the purpose of this event?

We have two major goals:

  1. Ensure that the teachers are paid up for what is owed to them.

  2. Ensure that the parents are heard.

Many parents, including ourselves, have raised valid questions and concerns. Getting answers to our questions is our second goal. Mr. Levi Kaplan (not the principal) has agreed to be the liaison between us and the board. Please reach out to him with any feedback, questions or concerns that you may have. He can be contacted at

Currently, our focus is to raise money to pay the teachers. That is the main goal of this event.
Can we do more? Yes we can, and we should! Long term goals will be presented at the event as well.  

Please join us on January 6th and open your hearts. All money raised will be generously matched by R’ Avraham Hayman and others. A separate account has been set up in which all raised funds will be deposited, to ensure that the money goes directly to our hardworking and devoted teachers.

Attached you will see a mini Chinese Auction with awesome prizes. These prizes were all sponsored to help with this important initiative. Please help support our teachers by participating in the raffle. You can buy tickets directly at

Please forward the Cheder Raffle and above link to your friends and family via e-mail, text, whatsapp, and all other forms of communication. We can use all the support we can get!

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday night!

If you have not RSVP’d yet, there’s no time like the present! We made it easy for you-

A Group of Parents - United for our Teachers and Children

Mr. and Mrs. Abel
Rabbi and Mrs. Abramowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Chein
Mr. and Mrs. Gaerman
Rabbi and Mrs. Huisman
Rabbi and Mrs. Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Klein
Rabbi and Mrs. Lasker
Rabbi and Mrs. Lehr
Rabbi and Mrs. Orenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Y. Raskin
Mr. and Mrs. Z. Raskin
Rabbi and Mrs. Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Steinmetz
Mr. and Mrs. Weingarten



Teachers Appreciation


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